Practice Test Started

After having passed the strong wind test, the sleeping test and a couple of walks (and after replacing the 4 inch wheels by 8 inch wheels), the day had come to hand the prototype over for real life testing.

The five mile walk to the destination was easy… with no hills on the route, theĀ  120 pounds of cart and cargo handled effortlessly, and I could jog parts of the way.

At parking lot near the test site I met Al, who is going to test and improve the design.

He recorded while I demonstrated how to setup the platform on which the tent is mounted. After unpacking the tools, we used the platform as workbench to mend a broken folding table Al had found. I cut and drilled aluminum strips with the vice clamped to the platform.

Then we folded it up again and moved it to its destination, where we set it up completely. Al immediately came up with an improvement – pushing two foldable carts into the unused space at both sides of the entrance.

He is pretty happy with the current setup, but certainly will find further details that can be improved during the testing.

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