Construction starts with cutting the boards – lengthwise cuts with a handsaw are not exactly fun, but feasible.

Construction of the bottom – getting the spacing and right angle right was the trickiest part – a cardboard template with markings helped, but this part of the process definitely has to be simplified.

Assembling a platform and fitting the toilet bucket in. Lesson learned: Don’t make plans before having the exact measurements of the bucket.

During my first test drive I saw a slightly larger mobile home and couldn’t resist taking a comparison picture.

I very spontaneously decided to submit the Minimal Mobile Home as exhibit for the Bay Area Maker Faire one week before the event. I was pleasantly surprised that it was accepted although the deadline had long passed!

The editor of Makezine even featured it in the Live Blog – thank you, Sophia!

The platform without mounted tent – in the stowage compartment there is a large carboard box, the tent, an air mattress and a sleeping bag.

Unpacking near the test site – all the tools that were used to build it fit easily inside the cart.